Lawyers to the Rescue is a non-denominational humanitarian organization created by lawyers committed to bringing legal assistance and humanitarian support to people around the world in times of crisis—regardless of their race, religion, sexual orientation or political affiliation.

We work independently of any political, religious, or financial agenda.  While our organization was founded by lawyers, it is open to all who share our vision, which includes promoting a positive view toward lawyers.

At times, Lawyers to the Rescue may speak out publicly in an effort to bring attention to forgotten crises, to alert the world to abuses occurring behind the headlines, and to bring public attention to any inadequacies of the legal system.

"We realize that what we accomplish is a drop in the ocean.  But if this drop were not in the ocean, it would be missed."
Mother Teresa
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The need for humanitarian assistance can be caused by natural as well as manmade forces. Earthquakes, hurricanes, cyclones, flooding and extreme weather conditions are among the many phenomena causing widespread famine, hunger and disease in many parts of the world.

Lawyers to the Rescue was founded by attorney Spencer Aronfeld and Dina Aronfeld in response to the worst natural disaster in the Western Hemisphere: the earthquake that struck Haiti –where 200,000 lives were lost, more than one million people were left homeless, and hundreds of thousands more were injured. 

Unlike Doctors Without Borders where doctors are able to respond and save lives, lawyers for a long time felt that their hands were tied and the only thing they could do is donate money.  Now, with Lawyers to the Rescue, lawyers can do more than just donate! They can take action and connect with lawyers present at the affected countries, offering their assistance. Whether its pro bono legal help, helping the individuals living in the United States whose families were affected by the natural disaster, becoming the voice for victims, and fighting for their humanitarian rights, Lawyers to the Rescue has the tools for the job.

Most of the time, we can’t bring “normal” back to victims of an earthquake, tornado, flood, or house fire, nor can we erase the terrifying moments or days they lived during these disasters.   But we can give them hope by simply addressing their basic needs—food, water, shelter, and clothing—all of which contribute to their emotional wellbeing. 

Whether a disaster hits down the street or across the globe, our goal is to respond immediately to the needs of the victims.

We know we may not be able to save lives, but our focus will be to help improve the lives of those who were lucky enough to survive such tragedies.

Our Mission
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