Lawyers to the Rescue is a nonprofit organization committed to providing humanitarian and financial assistance to individuals and communities in times of crisis. 

Lawyers to the Rescue is non-denominational humanitarian organization.  We are committed to bringing assistance and support to people in times of need regardless of race, religion, sexual orientation or political affiliation.  We will work together independently of any political, religious or financial agendas.   

Our organization is made up mainly of lawyers and individual workers in the legal sector and is also open to other professions which will help in reaching and achieving our goals.  Members are required to commit to impartiality, to following their professional code of ethics and to working purely for humanitarian principles. 

We will draw from our experience and use our contacts with lawyers around the world to put together our resources to provide pro bono legal assistance whenever warranted and to procure creative solutions to each cause.

We will provide these solutions through:

  • Helping individuals pro bono with their immigration, medical and property loss legal matters. 
  • Raising the funds needed to help those in need.
  • Pulling our resources during emergencies and acting promptly.
  • Fighting for the victims’ humanitarian rights.
  • Volunteering at disaster service centers whenever possible.
  • Comforting individuals whose family members were affected .
  • Becoming the voice for the victims.
  • Donating blood.
  • Donating supplies and/or collecting supplies from the community.
  • Help with clean-up when possible.

Lawyers to the Rescue will pursue this mission with merit, compassion and dedication.

"if there are poor on the moon, we shall go there too" Mother Teresa
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