Take Action:

By learning, speaking out, volunteering, and donating.


  • Educating ourselves by searching the Web for the latest news on each cause we undertake.
  • Signing up for email updates.
  • Attending events in our area.

Speaking out:

There is no one better suited to do this job then lawyers.  We are experts in speaking out and we will be the voice of individuals and families who are in need of our help.


  • Giving of your time is the most valuable contribution you can make on behalf of individuals in need. 
  • Roll up your sleeves and help at a soup kitchen near you.
  • Plant a tree.
  • Take a trip to volunteer in Cambodia, Philippines, Nicaragua, Africa, or India where poverty is on every corner.
  • Mentor a struggling student online at icouldbe.org. Encouragement and support can increase the chance for that child to go to school. 

  • Give what you can. 
  • Give monthly, give to a cause that is close to your heart. 
  • Give annually-- and not just money, but clothing that no longer fits you or your kids.
  • Buy school supplies for kids who can’t afford them.
  • Instead of going out for dinner, eat at home with your family and give that $35.00 you saved to feed a child for a month at strength.org
  • Donate $50.00 to doctorswithoutborders.org to vaccinate 50 kids against meningitis, polio and other life-threatening diseases. 
  • Feed a hungry family here in America by donating just $1 to feedingamerica.org. This $1 will stock a hungry family’s refrigerator with nine pounds worth of groceries!
  • Give medication for malaria to save 10 children’s lives by donating $25 to savethechildren.org

Every act of love is a work of peace, no matter how small"
Mother Teresa
Volunteer Opportunities

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Pro Bono Volunteers Needed

Volunteers are needed in different legal areas to work on pro bono cases and supervise law students working on the same cases. 

Please contact us today if you can volunteer. 

Note: Most of the work can be done by the law student under your supervision. 

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